Thursday, November 27, 2008

What are you grateful for?

As I live in the U.S.A., I am part of the millions that celebrate Thanksgiving today. Truly, the holiday is about more than turkey, Pilgrims and family. It is one day out of the year to reflect on what one is thankful for in life. We should take more time than that, but it is a start. So what I am grateful for?

Health It is difficult to enjoy life without good health. Aside from my surgery earlier this year, I have had decent health. There are additional steps I need to take to improve my health, but I am generally healthy and have few worries about medical expenses overtaking me.

Wealth Despite the bite the downward stock market has taken out of my retirement portfolio, I am still wealthier than the majority of the people on this planet. I can not only pay the expenses of my American lifestyle, but save some money as well. There is even room for spending on unnecessary items.

Freedom I am grateful for having the ability to walk out of my house, drive to the polls and vote all without dodging bullets, bombs or other threats to my democratic duty and right. I am grateful there are people willing to give their lives so I can live my comfortable existence in the U.S.A. with all my personal freedoms intact.

Home I am thankful I have a comfortable place to call home where I am sheltered from the weather and can grow my own food.

Friends and family Despite my family knowing all the buttons to push and how little I see some of my friends, I am grateful they are in my life. I know who I can turn to for support--emotional, physical and financial. I do not always appreciate what they do for me, but their presence in my life is important to me.

Blog readers I am glad there are people who stop by regularly or on occasion to read my postings. You keep me going and help inspire me. Thank you.

Take your thankfulness and pass it on!

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