Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shopping the loss leaders

I am uncertain how common this is, but I have recently begun to only shop loss leaders. While I still undergo my once-monthly grocery pilgrimage to supply the bulk of my groceries, I have started looking at the flyer for the local grocery store and seeing what the deals are. I began noticing great prices like $1.50 for a pound of butter, 98 cents for 4 pounds of granulated sugar, and $1.49 for 5 pounds of flour and thought hey, I should stock up.

Then there are the unadvertised specials. Recently, I went into the store looking to purchase shampoo for 88 cents and found the same size, different brand for 59 cents. Which do you think I chose?

My grocery store is not the only location for good deals. I have been looking at the Walgreens flyer online for any deals I could use. I have not quite gotten the rhythm of what is on sale when or even if it is a good deal. However, I have noticed in the last six weeks, none of the Neutrogena products I use have gone on sale. But when they do, I am prepared to snatch them up.

Between the loss leaders and my monthly grocery trip, I can add to my pantry (or freezer) and save a bit of money buying items that are cheaply priced. Do you only shop the loss leaders?

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