Saturday, November 29, 2008

So much for buy-nothing day

Despite the fact that I have either already purchased gifts for people on my list or plan on making them, I did shop on Black Friday. However, instead of rushing out of the house at ungodly hours of the morning, I had time for breakfast, conversation with family and setting up my dad's Mail account before riding in the minivan with my mother and sister. Then our only shopping consisted of three charity thrift stores within a 30-minute driving radius. Furthermore, if I spent at least $10 at the previous store, I received an extra 10% discount at the next for up to 30% off the price (i.e., 20% discount at the second store and 30% discount at the third store). Plus, many items were 50% off as a store special. I did not intend on going shopping so I walked away with more stuff than I should have purchased. However, I did get items that encourage my air drying habits (a sweater dryer), encourage cooking and gardening (six books), fill in little holes in my life (a wind-up glow-in-the-dark travel clock and a spray bottle) and keep me warm (a fleece sweatshirt).

One item that I walked away with at 50% off was a chair. The issue is I could not get it home. It did not fit in my car no matter how I tried to maneuver it. So, I paid $28 for a Queen Anne-style chair that is residing in my parent's basement until some future trip my parents make to my house. However, this incident reinforces my thoughts on buying a newer vehicle that can haul things much easer than my four-door sedan. I like my car, but it does not lend itself to hauling much wood or furniture larger than a table chair or small bookshelf. This gets in the way of plans for gardening, building and buying new-to-me furniture.

Even though I spent just over $51 for the day, according to Riot4Austerity, none of this spending counts because I purchased it all at charity thrift shops. However, I do find that by the time I reach November, my spending plan is pretty far gone even at the beginning of the month. Aligning purchases with the spending plan took some justification, but all is rectified and I can enjoy my new purchases.

Did your shopping break the bank or did you throw yourself wholeheartedly into buy-nothing day?

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