Monday, November 3, 2008

Referral Love for October 2008

October was a busy month for me. Putting my garden in order, raking leaves, picking up compost and organizing my garage along with shopping the grocery store bargains kept me running around. November brings NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, and one year of blogging. I plan to take the novel writing challenge so I will likely have even fewer posts. I have no particular plans to celebrate my blogoversary, but I have a few weeks to think of some possibilities. I am open to suggestions...

Festivals or Carnivals
I contributed an entry Frugal tips for the autumn garden in the the Festival of Frugality #149: Monster Mash Edition! hosted by Living Well on Less.

Top Referrals (excluding search engines)
1. Direct links--I love to see these listed. I am glad you find visiting my blog worth your while. For convenience, consider subscribing to my RSS feed.
2. Living Well on Less
3. Funny About Money Thanks for linking to my post "Frugal tips in the garden".
4. Blogger Hi fellow bloggers on!

Top Articles for October
1. Frugal tips for the autumn garden Thanks for choosing my entry Living Well on Less.
2. Analyzing my net worth for September 2008 It is a bit painful, no?
3. Crafting my way out of clutter I am likely in more company than I imagine, or you were chuckling at my foibles.
4. Referral love for September 2008 Thanks again kind visitors!

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