Monday, July 28, 2008

Recipe Monday: Green Beans, Onions and Bacon

There is a recipe in the family cookbook that uses several of my favorite food items and combines them together to make vegetables more palatable: bacon, onions and cheese to disguise the green beans. However, I am now harvesting my own green beans and since I liked the recipe, thought I adapt it for small-scale use. The recipe uses 32 ounces of green beans; I had 8 beans from my garden.

1 slice bacon, cut into six pieces
handful of green beans, ends removed and cut into thirds
2 tablespoons white onions, chopped

A cast-iron skillet was heated on medium to begin frying the bacon. Onions and green beans were added when the bacon was starting to cook. Stir to cook onion and green beans; turn bacon pieces to cook evenly. Remove bacon if done before beans; otherwise, spoon out the mixed greens, onions and bacon onto plate. Scale recipe as needed for amount of green beans and taste.

I found this recipe was quite quick and easy. The bacon cooked in about 10 minutes; the onions and green beans less. Granted, using bacon fat to cook is not healthy, but I wanted to eat the beans without a strong bean flavor. Whether it was my choice of green bean to grow or my palate is unused to fresh green beans, but I enjoyed the mild green bean flavor even without the accompanying slice of bacon. With this taste of my own garden harvest, I am considering planting more green beans next year.

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