Thursday, July 24, 2008

Buying extra, just in case

One of my life philosophies is "always have a backup". Of course, this philosophy is not completely applied (e.g., I have no children to "replace" me) or taken to silliness (I refuse to admit how much shampoo and conditioner I have sitting in my cabinet), but in general, it has served me well. This is a philosophy I practiced when I was a laboratory researcher (having more reagent on hand meant I could do the experiment and not wait for my order to arrive) as well as in my home life.

How far have I extended this philosophy? I am completely covered in the personal care products. I usually purchase two or three deodorants at once, just bought enough razor blades to last at least a year and purchased two additional bread makers so I do not have hunt one down if my trusty Toastmaster TBR2 gives up the ghost. How foolish, you are thinking, having TWO bread makers in the basement? Ah, I declare, wait until you hear my story!

A total of four bread makers have passed through my hands: the one I own and use weekly, one that I gave to my sister when she got her own apartment and the two spares in the basement. I paid $20 for my bread maker in October 2006 after responding to an ad on craigslist. On a local electronic classified site, I found my sister's bread maker (horizontal loaf as all of mine are) for only $10. It came with a manual (unlike mine) and was even made of metal--the entire body! I thought it was a great deal as I had not seen a bread maker for under $20 on craigslist (usually $30-$50).

Then, I was at the local thrift shop and found another horizontal loaf bread maker and lo and behold, it was only $9.50. Not only was it a good deal, I thought "I should have a back up in case of breakage". Since I only occasionally see the bread maker style I want, purchasing a spare would prevent me from having to hunt one down in my hour of need.

About a month or so later, I was doing my weekly shopping at the local thrift store and found yet another bread maker. Not only was it the best price I had seen to date ($6.50), but it was the revised model of the one I am currently using. The footprint was smaller and the TBR15 with its horizontal loaf pan could serve as parts replacement. Thus justified, I bought another bread machine and lovingly stored it in my basement for the future.

The three bread makers in my possession worked well when I decided to make pizzas for the family dinner I hosted. Actually, I only needed two to supply the pizza dough, but I did not know until the end of the meal.

In addition, my mother borrowed a bread maker to see if she wanted to make her own bread. Some of her coworkers were talking about using bread machines and she wanted to try. This way, she did not have to invest much money into the effort and I could have sold one to her if she wanted it. (She does not.)

Furthermore, a friend mentioned she wanted one as she gave her old one away so next time I see her, I intend on giving her one as a very belated housewarming gift. Afer this, I will still have one spare bread maker. I could give one away without feeling any pain since I had a backup and a spare. I like being prepared!

(Side note: I did run across a craigslist posting where someone was giving away a bread maker for free. I resisted contacting the poster.)

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