Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trying to remove spending temptation

With my challenge not to spend this month, one of the better strategies I can implement is not to go places that would encourage me to spend. That means as the garage sale season begins, I cannot go. I have to skip my weekly thrift store trip and minimize haunting craigslist in search of that deal.

Friday concluded the week with a trip to the grocery store but I only purchased needed items like milk and pizza sauce, both of which ended up being on sale. I managed to get in and out of the store with only the items I intended on purchasing and manage not to indulge in junk food (e.g., potato chips and soda).

Saturday and Sunday I was free and clear of spending opportunities. I tried to visit the bike shop in town but it was not open in its new location. Otherwise, I occupied myself with cleaning, pulling weeds and reassembling the ripped up sod that is my lawn. (With the record snowfall, a good chunk of the winter snow ended up on my lot along with the blade of the snowplow.)

Monday I went to work and then went home. Today I am planning on spending $10 to purchase a bike rack for my car. I do not want to delay especially as hauling the bike in the trunk of my car when it was purchased was an uncomfortable experience. At this point, I am getting the rack before the bike helmet.

In addition, I have lunch plans with a friend I have not seen in over a month and that means eating out. While we do not need to go out to eat, it is more convenient and typically what we do the few times we have had lunch together. However, I was looking forward to having a nice turkey sandwich for lunch with homemade bread and a slice of cheddar in the middle, mustard, spices... There is always dinner, but I am spending money I should be saving.

Unfortunately, I am still open to other temptation, technology specifically. I found a potential MacBook Pro on craigslist I am contemplating buying. After finding the great deal on a MacBook Pro for my mom, it has only made me more open to finding one of my own. Getting over that last hurdle to spending the money is still a great one. Thinking and doing are two different things, but I am leaving myself vulnerable to potentially spending more money than I consider safe.

So, with only the beginning of Tuesday in play as of writing this post, I have spent unnecessarily for four days out of the first eight of April. Fifty percent is not bad. At this point, I am hoping I can make it one week without spending money. Maybe exploring additional earning opportunities is really the way to go. If I am too busy earning money, it makes it more difficult to spend. It is a possibility...

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