Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First day of my fiscal challenge--not very successful

Well, I have already fallen off the nonspending wagon on the first day of April. Yes, I bought some Forever stamps at the Post Office when mailing items sold on ebay. While I was glad to make some money especially as I am trying to save more for a new car, I still had to spend for shipping (even if built into the price of the ebay item). I tend to discount my ebay shipping fees as spending since I was selling unneeded items and making money versus taking the money out of my budget, which is where the money for the stamps comes from.

I will also confess I am buying a computer, but as it is for my mom and she will be paying me back, this is neutral spending proposition. At least I can "test" my mom's new computer when I bring it home!

Speaking of computers, my iBook G4 is on the fritz. After spending three days backing up the hard drive (did this twice after the first back up failed), reinstalling the system software three times and finally retrieving my back up, I can say that this time I spent accomplished nothing, and I have to talk to an Apple Genius anyway. A colleague suggested a hard drive failure, which would be the first time for me. I have owned seven differnt Macs over the last 13 years, none of which ever had a hard drive fail until now (if the Apple Genius agrees). I am still covered under AppleCare so this should be of no cost to me (other than time and gas). However, I feel bereft, stressed and uncreative; hence the lack of posts. I am way too attached to my iBook, I know.

Please visit the Festival of Frugality #119 hosted by Consumerism Commentary for frugal tips since I am not in the mindset.

Update: Since I was at the mall getting my iBook fixed, I also spent money at the Bath and Body Works store. I do not like going to the mall (especially just for one thing) and I am running low on lotion so extra money was spent. I may have to exempt this week from my spending challenge.

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