Friday, April 4, 2008

Three days into my no-spending month

This no-spending experiment really is a challenge for me. While I will not count the necessary car repairs (at greater cost than I expected) and the replacement hard drive for my iBook (covered under my AppleCare plan with only the cost of time, gas and wear and tear on my car), I also had unprecedented opportunity to spend money even in these first three days. The Apple Store is in a mall and I pass the the Bath and Body Works store on the way. Therefore, I purchased lotion as I knew I was running low and am partial to some of their products since I rarely go to the mall. In addition, I shipped items to my winning ebay bidders from the post office so I bought a book of Forever stamps to beat the price increase in May.

Furthermore, I spent money on eating out for lunch Wednesday as a farewell to a friend leaving for a new position in another company. So much for a no-spending challenge; I am 0 for 3. I can say opportunities that arose under atypical circumstances, but I still spent money.

However, I have made my monthly grocery run and that should help keep me from being as tempted to buy my lunch or snacks. The vending machine typically satisfies the crunchy snack craving while the coffee shop has yummy scones. Pending cat health issues, car or home emergencies, or other unplanned spending, the rest of month is looking better. The only expense that I had not considered before (and did not take care of in March) is ordering tickets to an outdoor theater in the area. It is an annual ritual with my friend W. and I am responsible for getting the tickets.

Unfortunately, technology envy has reared its ugly head and temptation is strong to get a 15" MacBook Pro of my very own. Despite the impressive screen size of the 17" MacBook Pro I bought for my mom, I decided it is just not quite portable enough for me. The 15" screen is bigger than my 14" iBook G4, has the cool new features like the back-lit keyboard, which I completely fell in love with when activated, and would be shiny and new with Leopard, the Mac OS. As argued previously, I do not need it, but I am finding hard to fight want. After dealing with car and iBook troubles, a brand-new piece of hardware is guaranteed to make me forget all my problems. Hence, I am more susceptible than I have been especially after experiencing a MacBook Pro personally. After my car repair bill, I doubt I will be buying such an item, but it is a desirable bit of Apple hardware.

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