Saturday, June 28, 2008

Grab some discounted plants today

Where I live, many of the greenhouses are offering their plants at a discount. Today I bought some annuals at 40% off their original price. Another greenhouse was advertising $10 for a flat of plants, usually anywhere from $15-$20. One of my local hardware stores was offering 35% off trees and 50% off plants. Since I killed my pansies I started from seed, I thought I would buy some annuals to fill in the space around my mailbox. I have tulips and crocuses planted there, but once they bloom and the foliate dies, there is nothing but weeds.

So if you were considering getting plants but wondered how much you could really afford, try your local greenhouses, hardware stores and other plant sellers. Take advantage of the the discount and watch your money go just a bit further for some color around the house. (Note: this is true for me in the midwestern USA. I make no claims about other areas of the country or world.)

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