Monday, January 28, 2008

Patience pays off

I have written before about wanting to get a bicycle for an alternative means of transportation. In addition, I wanted to buy used, hopefully around $20 and desired the old fashioned look with fenders. My patience on craigslist finally paid off! I found the listing for a used bicycle, in the style I want for $25. Tonight, I drove after work in good weather (above freezing and no precipitation) and was able to ride the bike for more than three feet. It was not too tall, I liked the color, did not care about the rust and it was in working condition.

The seller was really nice too, helping me out with the fit, getting it into my car and just being helpful. I owe him a bungee cord (could not find mine) but the bike is mine! I have no intentions to ride it in the winter months but come springtime, I will be attempting to ride around the neighborhood!

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