Thursday, January 3, 2008

My first monthly grocery trip with reusable hemp bags

Last month, I purchased eight Dual Handled Lightweight Hemp Totes made by ACME Bags™, and two large and two small organic cotton mesh produce bags to reduce my plastic and paper bag consumption. I had used one of the hemp totes for trips to the grocery for a few items, to my pharmacy or the thrift store and they worked well. I liked being able to choose between the long or short handles. However, I was not sure how the grocery store baggers would like using my bags instead of paper bags, my usual choice.

This shopping trip, I reused one of my plastic produce bags for my cucumbers and took a second new one for the green onions. My white onions and tomatoes went into a large and small cotton produce bag respectively. The bagger graciously used my hemp totes to pack all my groceries when I asked him, but I did need an extra paper bag to hold all the items. He had no complaints when I asked him about using the bags so a plus.

When I unpacked my car, it was nice to carry a couple bags over my shoulder (even in my bulky wool coat) and two items in my hand into the house. I made fewer trips, and the bags held up well even with some heavy items. My reusuable bags are definitely a success and I plan on purchasing more bags (for me and as gifts) and additional produce bags. Best of all, I can pack the reusable bags inside one of them and they are ready to go for the next big trip.

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