Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lesson learned: Be prepared with backup postings

I learned a hard lesson the past two days: I need to have at least one posting ready to go rather than choosing my subject the same day and typing it up. Why is this important? Because I was too ill to post two days ago and did not have time yesterday. My personal goal was to post to my blog every day with something my occasional readers might enjoy. I did consider having a backup post ready previously, but did not execute the thought. While I do practice having backups to many things, I neglected this area. So when life intereferred quite heavily, I did not meet my own deadline.

So, with time and energy at a premium as it is for everyone, I will be planning and writing two extra posts to keep in reserve for those days where time gets away from me. Practicing what I preach is important. Sometimes, I miss applying the lesson to a part of my life it can easily apply to. Here is hoping I plan better for the future.

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