Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Being a bit greener and riding a bicycle

When warmer weather rolls around, so do the garage sales. I chart a route using the local paper, pack myself into my car and hunt for items of interest. This year, I considered riding a bicycle to some of the sales--get some exercise and use less gas. The roadblock--I have no bicycle. So, I went on a quest for one. I had a target amount ($20) and the bike "for sale" category on Craigslist to hunt. I occasionally looked for bikes but not with serious intent until late summer. That was when I discovered my budget was inadequate or maybe my expectations were overblown. Since I was not sure if bike riding was the way for me to go, I did not want to put much money into it. However, I also wanted something I could ride immediately.

Just tonight I looked at a Schwinn Breeze with a two-speed automatic hub. You know what the most embarrassing thing was? I could not ride the bicycle. Excluding my confusion about shifting and braking with the bike pedals, I literally could not even pedal three feet before losing my balance. That adage about never forgetting how to ride once you learn--pure bull. Of course, I was wearing a winter coat and some Merrell shoes that really distanced me from the feel of the pedals, but I could not ride the bike. It was a horribly humorous experience I just had to share with my mother and blog readers. So, not only will I have to find a classic cruiser with hand gears and hand brakes, but I will have to relearn how to ride the darn thing. See why my budget is small? What is the point of buying something I will not use because I am unable to keep upright?

I learned a bit about my limitations tonight, but my quest continues. Continual refinement of my goal is a good thing. And I am still determined that me and my reusable bags can travel via bicycle to places in my lovely town--even if it is to the library and back.

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