Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What do I have in the house?

Can you tell I am on an organization kick? In reading other blogs from mostly women who are homesteading in urban or rural environments, I realize I need a list of what I have in my pantry, my shelving and my chest freezer. To be honest, creating the list now with all the stuff I have will be painful. If earlier postings have not made it clear, I stockpile things. However, while I have a decent memory, I still have either bought items I already have or not purchased something I need.

An inventory would tell me how many jelly/jam jars and how many pint and quart canning jars I have. Looking at the number of boxes stacked on my storage shelving, I have enough to keep me busy. Whether the harvest will allow me to fill all those jars is another thing altogether. My chest freezer is not the most organized with nice rectangular containers like the boxes of butter with gallon containers of milk. The pantry is well-stocked, but I know I have not used some items that do have a finite shelf life. Having a list would remind me that those items I have not used in a while, or purchased with the best of intentions should be used before it goes bad.

I am not sure where I will fit all this in the midst of my decluttering efforts, but the inventory needs to be done. Adding extra items to my freezer or pantry that I already have is not the best use of my money. Therefore, an inventory, while painful to generate from scratch, would help me manage my stockpile more effectively and minimize unnecessary spending.


  1. Your organization kick inspired me to go through my closet - I managed to fill a large garbage bag full of clothing I haven't worn in months. Off to Goodwill in the morning, thanks for that kick in the butt!

  2. @Rain

    Good on you! I am glad I could inspire you to take action. That makes one of us decluttering! Here is to a beautiful, stress-free home.