Sunday, February 1, 2009

February means No-Spending Challenge Month

Today was the first day of my No-Spending Challenge Month. Interestingly, enough, I did spend some money--to fill up my gas tank. However, the main goal is to minimize any unnecessary spending. That means I can buy gasoline and groceries, but no new clothing or furniture.

Regardless of my best intentions, there are a few spanners in the works.
1. I have my appointment with my hair stylist this month, scheduled back in November.
2. I have potential lunch plans with a friend in the next week or so.
3. My department has a birthday lunch this month which means going out to eat and splitting the bill.
4. I spent some of the money in the February spending plan while still in January.

With these factors, I cannot claim a No-Spending Month, but aiming for a Reduced-Spending Month. In January, I added about $35 to various savings accounts with unspent money in my budget. There was additional money carried over into the next month like car insurance and gift money that just add to the balance for the next use.

Looking at my various spending categories, my goal is to save an extra $100 in February to distribute to various savings accounts. My strategies for not spending include not visiting the charity thrift shop (save money, gasoline and wear-and-tear on my car), not looking at craigslist or ebay (definitely reduce my opportunities to spend), and bringing a lunch every day (always good for the bottom line). I have been getting lazy about bringing lunch and intend on buying more frozen entrees so I do not succumb to purchasing a lunch at work.

Here is hoping I can keep my money to myself!

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