Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting rid of stuff: exploring the wanted section

I have been getting rid of items no longer needed in my life like a second yogurt maker that never saw any use. To unburden myself, I have been listing items on craigslist or other local bulletin boards. Getting a customer is hit or miss as there are lots of items for sale and I have to find that person that is interested enough to actually meet me. However, I have sold two items recently from a different section that I had not looked at before: the wanted section.

On craigslist, there is a section labeled "wanted" in the larger "for sale" section. Usually I am looking to buy something and explore various other categories. However, I found this wanted section is a good place to look to sell items as well.

For example, I found someone interested in buying a yogurt maker of the type I have (five individual serving containers in the incubator). I contacted her despite the price being lower than I wanted to sell it. We negotiated, settled on a price and made the exchange in a public place. I moved one idle piece of equipment out of my home (with a small cash bonus) and she got a yogurt maker she wanted.

I purchased an Entertainment Book as part of fundraiser and regretted it almost immediately. It had lots of coupons, but few I would use. I do not eat out much and not many of the services applied to me. When I saw a listing asking for an Entertainment Book, I offered her mine for more than she was asking. We settled on a price that allowed me to break about even on the cost (I had used a few coupons) and she received the book at a discount.

Now I haunt the wanted listings to help me get rid of unwanted clutter that might be beneficial to another person in addition to listing my own items on craigslist. This is a hit-or-miss method, but so is an electronic classified ad. Having more than one opportunity to find a potential customer increases my chances of selling an item at I a price I can live with--even if it is free. Have you looked at the wanted list lately?

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