Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting out the last drop

Recently, a local news show has been highlighting money-saving tips for families squeezed by the economy. The two-minute segment talked about how to get the most out of the items you purchase. I was surprised at the advice they gave because the ideas were practical. My thought was "people do not do this all the time?" So I thought I would present them:

Cut lotion containers and toothpaste tubes in half to get the last bits inside.
I hate throwing things away without getting the remnants out especially lotions because I buy many from Bath and Body Works. These lotions moisturize well, smell great and come at a premium. While I tend to slice the lotion tube vertically and not horizontally, I do use my fingers to get every last drop.

Use a spatula to get all the mayonnaise or salad dressing from the jar.
I use a spatula most of the time I use mayo or Miracle Whip. Of course, when there is just those small amounts clinging to the side, the spatula can really help retrieve them for your sandwich.

Add water to the shampoo bottle to use for another wash or two.
Even dilute, shampoo works quite well. I also add water to body wash and use on my shower puff. The bottle gets rinsed out before recycling. May as well use the rinse to your advantage.

Make vinaigrette right in the bottle of olive oil.
I do not use vinaigrette dressing on my salads but could see how adding the ingredients directly to the bottle to use the olive oil remaining would be useful. Plus the salad dressing could be stored in the bottle.

So, do you use these tactics to get the most for your money?


  1. You know, the only one I didn't do was cut the toothpaste tube, I'll be doing that for sure! I used to take a big paper clip and squeegie the last bits out that way!

  2. @Rain,

    I squeeze my tubes pretty hard but cutting it open is probably good for a few more brushes.

  3. Good idea because the price of toothpaste is crazy, well for me because I use Sensodyne. I try to buy it when it's on sale, regular price is almost $6. I brush the dogs' teeth too! Theirs cost $12 and lasts about a month - vanilla and mint flavoured for doggy breath!