Saturday, August 2, 2008

Referral Love for July 2008

I appreciate all my visitors, however briefly my blog is touched, and my RSS subscribers. You make me feel good every time you take the time to read an article or my RSS feed. Thanks to you all, I have broken the four digit barrier and now have over 1,100 total visitors to this site! Your interest in my various ramblings encourages me to continue.

Top Five Referrers:
1. Frugal for Life
2. Financial Ramblings [Thanks for the ranking of pfbloggers by number of postings. Where will I end up this time?]
3. The Festival of Frugality
4. ohjoy1187 on
5. The Simple Dollar

Top Five Articles in July
1. Once monthly grocery list My earlier once-a-month grocery shopping entries were popular and this newer article will likely match them.
2. My regrettable chest freezer purchase
3. Update on my vermiculture experiment Hey, worms know how to have fun!
4. The advantages of electronic bill pay
5. Managing my income A Google search inspiration.

I welcome suggestions for entries as well as any comments you might have.

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