Saturday, December 22, 2007

Visit the thrift store--now!

Today, I walked into my local charity thrift store and was excited to see my Corelle dish pattern there. While not in as good a shape as I would like, 50 cents a piece was quite a bit cheaper than the dinner plates were going for on eBay. In addition, I found a shirt (brand new!) and a sweater to add to my wardrobe.

At the end of the year, charity thrift shops are inundated with donations from people looking to lighten the load both on their house and on their taxes. Businesses also like the tax writeoff and donate stock (e.g., clothing) that did not sell to the same charity stores. That means the stores have a lot of stock and a lot more variety than during much of the rest of the year.

With so much new stock and both storage and floor space at a premium, this is a great time to visit your thrift store. As my experience demonstrated, I found items I have been looking for but did not hope to find (i.e., the Corelle dishes). I usually make a Saturday run to the thrift store, but since I have time off between Christmas and New Years, I plant to drop into the thrift store several times. Selection changes every day and I want to maximize my opportunity to find those storage containers or salt and pepper shakers I have been looking for!

So, shop the thrift stores! You may find some last minute gifts and some great buys for yourself.

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