Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed your celebration (if you celebrate Christmas). I enjoyed time with my family even if the small ones got a bit out of control (there was much stomping and crying at the end). I received items I wanted and gift certificates to cover the items I was not as lucky to receive. I am glad to be in my own very quiet home even if I am out of milk.

I found more joy in watching others, namely children, get excited by the items they unwrapped and exclaimed over than my own gifts. I like getting things but the feelings are fleeting. I will have to reconsider both how I wrap gifts (to be less wasteful) and what I request to receive next year I think. Reflecting on my values, what is important to me will guide my choices for the future.

I enjoyed good food and good time with family. May you be blessed with what you wanted for the holiday season.

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