Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reasons to be thankful

I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends, my ever-helpful colleagues and my supportive supervisor. I am glad for my good health and the actions I am taking to continue being healthly. I am thankful for the companionship of my cats and in having my very own house, my home. I am thankful for plentiful and tasty food, for the wonder of gardens, for the sheer variety of plants and trees in the world. I am thankful I can work toward my financial independence and decrease the heaviness of my tread on the earth. I am thankful for sunrises, sunsets and beautiful stars. I am thankful for the smiles of strangers making me feel welcome and the infectious laughter of children.

I do not always appreciate what I have--a good life, a good home, a good job and the means to work toward my goals as a single, independent woman in this world. However, this holiday season reminds me to reflect on what I have rather than what I do not or the fears I have for the world. Hopefully, your Thanksgiving day will be rewarding as well.

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