Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is that spring I see?

In recent years, I have become inordinately excited over the smallest things like bulbs breaking ground and trees leafing out. Strangely enough, this coincided with my ownership of a house and changing the landscaping (and gardening) to suit my taste and interests. The little bits of greenery I thought I spotted at the end of February are now more than just little bits. My crocuses have bloomed and my tulips have leaves. As such, I feel the necessity to share such spring-like bounty with you:

Furthermore, I planted seeds a week ago and the basil, both varieties, are showing signs of life. I love seeing seeds germinating! My little four-shelf greenhouse is working as well as I had hoped even if I had to bring the pots with my seeds inside for a few days since nighttime temperatures were below freezing.

I am really excited about getting ready for gardening this year. My plans include planting more variety of fruits and vegetables. Last year, I planted onions, lettuce, peas, beans (green and dried), cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and strawberries. I was able to harvest all but the carrots even if some harvests were paltry. This year, I am adding potatoes, corn, basil and oregano to my garden with a raised bed built for black raspberries. I am also considering planting some asparagus in the strip of land between my sidewalk and the road, but have not broken ground yet.

All this excitement about green things gets me in the mood for gardening and increased self-sufficiency. While my current gardening space does not bring me to food independence, each plant gives me flexibility in my food budget and brings me closer to my ideal. I know the plants were grown organically and I can learn what issues arise with growing said plant on a small scale. I learn how well or poorly I handle what to do with my produce, and I can experiment with canning and preserving to see which methods I prefer for each freshly picked vegetable. For example, I plan on growing some cucumbers to make pickles. I have never made pickles, but my family enjoys them. I can try making my own and giving them as gifts to family members.

I am prepared for failure even at this stage. Even though my basil seeds are germinating does not mean they will survive long enough to be planted outdoors. Learning to become more independent is not without its bumps in the road.

How are your gardening plans coming along?


  1. Oh I'm so envious!!! It snowed here last night! When I had my garden way back when, I also grew cukes and made bread and butter pickles, they were delicious and sweet. I'm glad you posted this, because I was getting a little down that I couldn't have a garden this year and seeing yours beginning to bloom picked up my spirits because I realized that there are so many "pick your own" farms around here, that will be a good substitute for me! Enjoy the gardening!

  2. @Rain,

    Yes, u-pick places are on my list for acquiring strawberries and red raspberries as well. As for seeing green growing things, my cats think I am even crazier when strange squeal-like noises come out of my mouth. I just cannot wait for more green and more blossoms!

  3. That's hillarious haha. I squeal with delight seeing the birds and the squirrels!