Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Referral Love for September 2008

September was a quiet month for me. Between the demands of my time and the sparseness of my writing ideas, I generated little content. Despite the few new posts, I appreciate everyone who have subscribed to my blog and continued to visit as well as those who arrived via search engines and took the time to read my humble offerings.

Top Referrals (excluding search engines)
1. Direct links--thanks to those of you who think I am worthwhile enough to check occasionally. To have the new posts delivered to you, subscribe to my RSS feed and you can read the newest content without continually checking my blog.
2. Financial Ramblings
3. Frugal in the Fruitlands
4. Squawkfox

I participated in no festivals or carnivals.

Top Articles Ever Published
1. Once monthly grocery list Always popular content. Let me know what else you might like me to cover here.
2. My home page I hope you enjoyed the content!
3. Cost of replacement windows--wood trim Many people seem interested in trimming their windows.
4. Poor food choices and their consequences Many people seem to be searching for information like this. I may expand upon this topic in a future post.
5. How to rollover or move your IRA Not too surprising people are looking for this topic as this is a consideration when leaving a company or consolidating a portfolio.

With autumn upon me and the growing season slowing down, I should have more time and topics to explore. If you are curious about me or want me to explore a topic, please comment here or send an e-mail to frugal(dot)pursuit(at)

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